We are Nigeria’s leading book publishing school poised to build a world class learning avenue whereby young Nigerian graduates of any discipline who are interested in taking up a career in publishing have a real chance of gaining first class knowledge from the pundits.

The Publishing Academy runs from the Nigerian home of publishing, Ibadan, and boasts of highly experienced faculty members. Our faculty members are experienced publishing executives in established book publishing houses in Nigeria and abroad and you can be assured of learning from individuals who continue to lead the perks in the industry.

It is our dream at the academy to bridge the wide gap between the classroom and the highly practical industry. Candidates who are privileged to enroll in the academy will be thoroughly taken through our wide array of courses, and consequentially prepared to lead the new generation of publishing executives.

The academy will continue to encourage University undergraduate and graduate students, and NYSC members to enroll for the basic and intermediate courses as we believe that among these set of people will the new publishing industry executives emerge.