The Publishing Academy: Our Vision


It is our dream at the academy to bridge the wide gap between the classroom and the highly practical industry. Starting a career in the ever competitive Nigerian publishing industry has never been easy with the hundreds of thousands of backlogs of Nigerian graduates seeking employment year in year out.


The Publishing Academy’s Basic Certificate Course does not guarantee you employment in the country’s publishing industry, but a rare hands-on training in the major units of a typical book publishing firm – from editorial to production, marketing and publicity to rights and negotiation – you are bound to become a most sought after professional in the industry.

Our training also ensures all of our students are introduced to the business of publishing, as it will interest us if a number of our graduates start up their literary agency or publishing house in the nearest  future.


University Undergraduates/NYSC Members

The Academy understands most of our graduates earn a little above the minimum wage and taking a course as this will go a long way in shaping their publishing career in the nearest future. Because of this, we expect to pay Twenty Five Thousand Naira only as the Tuition fee for this course. It is therefore mandatory that any candidate that falls under this category and would want to benefit from this tuition discount must come with their school/NYSC ID Card during the opening course for final documentation.

This will only apply to candidates registered for the physical class. Online candidates under this category will be asked to forward their means of identification to a specified email address before the commencement of the course.



The Academy is presently admitting for its July Basic Certificate Course in Publishing. Application closes on the 6th of July, 2018. Apply here


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